Hi, I’m not currently looking for full-time employment, as I would like to finish my graduate degree. However, I expect to graduate in January 2018 and would love to hear about opportunities for then! I’m open to relocation, and actually hope to return to the US after school.

University of Alberta

I’m currently completing a Master’s Thesis at the University of Alberta, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I’m supervised by Dr J Nelson Amaral, with a focus on compiler strategies and transformations for GPU computing. My work is currently supported by IBM Canada as a CAS Student Fellow. I expect to complete my Master’s Thesis around January 2018. If you’re also interested in GPU computing or compilers for GPU computing, please contact me!

Previously, I’ve held a 12-month internship with IBM’s Hardware Acceleration Lab / Cloud Innovation Lab. I was part of a 5 person team developing a novel functional programming language for GPU-accelerated financial analysis, and contributed to both the specification for and implementation of the language. Now named Newton, development on the language has ceased, but information about it was available in CASCon 2014 under the name IBM Dash.


I’ve also held two internships with Amazon.com, for 6 and 3 months respectively. In that time, I worked with a small team to modify Kindle Fire android tablets for use within Amazon’s shipping centers. We developed a custom android OS with support for Amazon’s corporate infrastructure, as well as many applications to support operations within the shipping facilities.